Passage 1: Learning from an Apparent Delay

Peace, one and all…


I have spent the last couple of weeks firstly reflecting on the Prologue to Book One and secondly, trying to put my reponses to it into some sort of coherent post.  I confess it’s taking me a lot longer than I thought it would.  I’ve found myself feeling annoyed by my inability to express the things whirling round in my head fully.  I’ve found myself feeling rather guilty, as though I’m letting someone down.  But, as I think about it, I am coming to two essential conclusions: firstly, this will take as long as it takes.  The aim of this blog is live and struggle with the Masnavi, to open myself to it, and what it can teach me of a deeper surrender to the Divine.  Its aim is not to simply rush through the text, but to try and let Mevlana lead me.  Patience is not a virtue I possess in large amounts it would seem.  Secondly, the more I reflect on the Prologue and its contents, the more I realise its significance.  I begin to see ever more clearly that the Prologue really does set out some of the Masnavi’s key themes, concepts, practices and approaches.  Taking the time to do things properly is therefore important, and a sign of the Masnavi’s significance in the context of my own life.

I am working on two key posts at the moment, both of which emerge from the Prologue. The first of these explores the concepts and ideas of this key text, and my personal responses to them.  The second explores Mevlana’s use of Quranic quotations more fully.  As I read the Prologue, the significance of these quotations becomes ever clearer.  As God wills, I hope to have both posts finished in the next few days.

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