Terminology & Comments Policy

Peace, one and all…


Islamic teaching seeks to honour the enlightened messengers and saints through the use of numerous honourific terms. After the names of prophets alaihi al-salam (peace be upon him) is used. After the name of Muhammad, several longer formulae exist. I use alaihi al-salatu wa al-salam (upon him be blessings and peace).

There are a range of terms used to refer to saints. The most common is Wali Allah, or ‘Friend of God’. Hazret is also used, meaning approximately ‘Close one’. Rumi is most often referred to as Mevlana/Mawlana, meaning ‘our master’.  Occasionally Shaykh or Pir are used. Both meaning roughly ‘elder’ or ‘teacher’.

I will generally refer to Rumi as Mevlana.

Comments Policy

God willing, this blog aims to provide a safe space in which to explore Mevlana Rumi’s magnum opus. I intend this to be a welcoming and accepting place. I welcome all visitors, regardless of background. Let me take this opportunity to offer greetings of peace.  However, before you enter, please be aware of the house rules’ There aren’t many, but such rules as exist are taken seriously.

Please note, that the views and opinions expressed by me on this website are entirely my own. I am committed to the spiritual life and to my faith, which means my posts are (usually) the product of careful study and reflection. However, I’m only human. I make mistakes and get things wrong (only God is perfect). If an error is pointed out to me, I will apologise and attempt to put it right, insha Allah.

This is the online home of a believing, committed Muslim. I have no problems with differences of opinion (even sharp differences), but this is not a place for Islam-bashing, nor is it a place for proselytising. If you feel the need to engage in such things, the Internet has many such platforms that can accommodate you.

The comments and ideas of others are the responsibility of their respective authors. Also, I am not responsible for the content of other websites linked to here. My inclusion of such links does not indicate that I agree with all that they say, merely that I have found that site helpful and useful in some way.

Furthermore, please also note, that although I welcome comments from anyone who passes by, a word about appropriate conduct (adab) is in order.

I will generally approve most comments, but I will not tolerate abusive behaviour. In particular, this means that the use of foul, threatening or generally offensive language is utterly prohibited.  It also means that I will not tolerate sexist or racist comments of any kind. I will delete any and all such posts without warning, as I see fit.